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Volkswagen VW Atlas And Atlas Cross Sport 2019-2023 Safety Recalls Of 246,000 Vehicles Reported

Owners and operators BEWARE!

There are safety recalls wherein NHTSA investigations and numerous news articles are warning of defective wiring harnesses in VW Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport vehicles that have been reported by numerous consumers to cause windows to suddenly open, alarm and warning lights sounding, sudden unexpected braking, and warning of possible delayed airbag deployment.  Some folks reported their new Volkswagen vehicles to feel like the SUVs are possessed and they are afraid to drive them.  Some folks are given free loaner vehicles and others are told there are no available loaners while there are no replacement parts available and it is uncertain as to when, over the following months, the vehicle can be repaired.  This is most unfair and unsafe and warrants immediate assistance by Volkswagen dealers and the manufacturer.

Owners and lessees of these or other defective or dangerous vehicles are urged to consult with experienced consumer lemon lawyers for advice how best to protect themselves and their families, and options to proceed to get meaningful relief (repurchase or replacement) under applicable laws.

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