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The Art of Deception

Auto dealers can be like magicians with trickery and deception, intended to confuse and deceive. Both practice the art of sleight of hand, manipulating documents and creating illusions. They can employ the “five finger fold” to cover up important figures in documents while re-directing your attention only where to sign.

For the magician, it is done for harmless entertainment, but for car dealers and their finance managers, it is done to up-sell customers with expensive add-ons or worse yet, defraud customers with undisclosed or hidden huge price increases and / or sales of unwanted or unknown service contracts. For example: lost key insurance for $1.250.00; fabric protection for leather seats; an alarm system where the vehicle already has a factory alarm; and other grossly overpriced and unnecessary add-ons.

Buyers, lessees and customers often feel foolish, stupid or embarrassed that they let the dealer deceive them. Sometimes spouses, parents or other are just as mad at the customer as the dealer for being tricked and deceived. However, know it is not the customers fault for being deceived or defrauded by the experts at the dealers who train and practice in the art of deception. Instead, please know that it is not your fault for being a fraud victim and you should call a consumer lawyer for advice and assistance to remedy the wrong.

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