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Instructions For Return Of Vehicle

(Lemon Law Repurchase or Lease Surrender)

  1. Confirm appointment by email in advance with dealer or repurchase agent and your attorney.
  2. Remove all your personal effects, CDs, and after-market accessories, etc. before return and clear your phone contacts and navigation data.
  3. Consider repairing any vehicle damages, deep scratches, wheel gouges, etc. under your insurance or tire and wheel coverage (if any) before return of vehicle to save on possible charges by the lessor or manufacturer.
  4. At dealer, remove and keep your license plates, registration, insurance cards and all other personal papers.
  5. Photograph all four sides, interior and odometer of your vehicle at the dealer.  Stand back enough to show it is at the dealer including their sign, if possible.
  6. Get and keep receipt for vehicle return with correct date and mileage stating no damage or listing what damage exists and charges to be assessed.
  7. Bring with you the two sets of keys, owners manuals, factory floor mats, etc. that came with the car, your original title (unless leased), and registration plus photo ID (driver’s license) when returning the vehicle.
  8. Carefully review any and all documents you are asked to sign upon return of vehicle, which may include odometer statement, statement as to any or no accidents, limited power of attorney, title and settlement papers.  Be sure to keep copies of everything you sign.  Call your attorney before signing with any questions or concerns.
  9. Do NOT cancel your auto insurance until the day after the vehicle is returned and accepted for return.

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list and things vary from case to case, but this is a helpful checklist and reminder of things to do to prepare your vehicle for return to dealer, to protect your property and confidential information and evidence the date, mileage and condition of your vehicle at return to avoid against later claims if others damage the vehicle, have unauthorized use or it gets “lost” in inventory or stolen after your return of the vehicle.

I invite the reader to call my office with any questions or concerns regarding a particular vehicle or modifications and wish you happy motoring.

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