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Lemon Law Consumer Tips & Advice

Good advice is hard to come by, but mistakes relating to car purchases and lemon laws are easy to make. Here are a number of articles that provide background into making informed decisions that range from best car repair practices to whether suing or arbitrating a lemon law claim is a better option.

Anthony T. Ballato, Esq. on Auto Fraud and NY Lemon Law Part 1 and 2
Anthony T. Ballato, Esq. on Auto Fraud and NY Lemon Law Part 1 Anthony T. Ballato, Esq. on Auto Fraud and NY Lemon Law Part 2

WARNING: Drivers Should Never Exit Running Vehicles
Few people realize the serious dangers of exiting a running vehicle, which could roll away or suddenly shift from neutral into drive or reverse causing serious property damage, personal injuries and even fatalities. The most infamous case in recent history is that of the late actor Anton Yelchin, the 27 year-old star of Star Trek...

Here is what one owner of a new Jeep feels about his expensive lemon
Watch the entertaining YouTube video:

The New York Lemon Law And Related Statutes
©2015 Is a “consumer protection statute” providing implied warranties for lease or purchase of new and used vehicles (autos, motorcycles and motor homes) and motorized wheel chairs, but excludes classic cars and off road vehicles. Governed by New York General Business Law, Article 11-A.

Beware Of Remote Starters And Do-it-yourself Modifications
Read this article to see photographs where a remote starter caused a vehicle to plunge into the water nearly drowning its owner.

Warning Against After-market Modifications To Vehicles Under Warranty
This article describes the consumer's options what to do after modifications are alleged to void the auto warranty.

Deciding Between New Versus Used Vehicle and Whether to Lease or Purchase a Vehicle
Of course, there are a few more enjoyable buying experiences in life than getting a new car. Even the smell of a new car is so favored that clever companies sell aerosol sprays of the new car aroma.

Car Buying Tips
There are so many considerations when purchasing a new or used car, motorcycle, motor home or other vehicle.

Deciding the Best Means and Place to Buy Your Next Vehicle
If you have ever gone to a very good diner, which offers breakfast, lunch or dinner at anytime of the day or night, as well as, a great selection of cuisines from different nationalities, you will experience difficulty in making decisions when you are given too many choices.

Litigation or Arbitration of Lemon Law Claims
In New York State, there are various ways to enforce or settle a consumer's claim for relief against a manufacturer of a new vehicle or dealer of a used vehicle (car, truck, SUV, hybrid, motorcycle, motor home, etc.). The process may be as simple as dealing directly with the manufacturer or dealer or as complex as prosecuting a civil lawsuit.