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New York Lemon Law Resources

Lemon Laws can be confusing and there can be differences between used and new car lemon laws. Get information about lemon laws in New York for both used and new cars or use our resources list to make a better decision about buying a new car or vehicle.

New York Lemon Laws

Vehicle Title and History

Government Information

Car Pricing Guides

Consumer Organizations & Advocacy Groups

Other Resources

  • (on-line searches for technical service bulletins and recall notices, and also has a comprehensive set of links to other websites)
  • (crash test results from NHTSA and insurance sources/overseas governments – data can be retrieved by make and model; this website also retrieves NHTSA recall information)
  • (Automotive News website with information on enforcement actions)
  • (links to technical resources, sources of service bulletins, service manuals, vehicle associations, organizations and manufacturers, and other automotive sites)
  • (vehicle safety data and links)
  • (search feature for vehicle recalls)
  • (National Automobile Dealers Association)
  • (classic car expert inspections, appraisals and related services)


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Written by lemon law attorney Anthony Ballato, these articles can help you understand more about Lemon Laws, car buying and other automotive issues that affect your repair and purchase decisions.

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