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Flood Damage

Insurance And Repair Issues After Sandy
Long Island Newsday Homeowners are still assessing the damage from Hurricane Sandy and reaching out to their insurance companies. It can be a complex process. Here, experts offer advice on how to navigate the system. 1. FILE THE CLAIM, CHECK YOUR POLICY By now, homeowners should have called their insurance companies. If not, do so immediately.

Experts: Wider Need For Flood Insurance
Long Island Newsday - Wednesday, November 07, 2012 - Think you don't need flood insurance because you don't live near the ocean? Or because your mortgage company doesn't require it? Or because you're in a low to moderate hazard area according to the National Flood Insurance Program? Think again.

It has been reported that about 220,000 new and used vehicles were destroyed or seriously damaged by the recent flooding caused by Super Storm Sandy in New York City and Long Island.

It should be no surprise that thousands of salvaged or damaged flooded vehicles will be repaired and resold in future months, thus making car buying even more risky. Thus buyers of used and even new vehicles should carefully inspect the cars and trucks before buying to look for any signs of flooding and to run a car fax and search the VIN numbers to avoid getting stuck with the ultimate lemon. Also, consider having an expert inspect the vehicle before concluding the sale.