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Vehicle Lists with Production Years from 1936-2016

The cars and trucks from the manufacturers on the left navigation of this website are for reference only. Not all vehicle makes or models are associated with recalls and some recalls may only affect certain production runs or a limited number of years.

Car and Truck Consumer Contact Information

The New York Law Office of lemon law attorney, Anthony Ballato, has compiled an extensive contact list of manufacturers including phone numbers, mailing addresses, and websites. Click on any make to the left to view its corresponding contact information (if available).

Is My Car or Truck a Lemon or Subject to a Lemon Law Claim?

Every lemon law case is different and we can’t tell you without knowing more information. You can use our FREE Case Evaluation (New York Lemon Law Attorney) or call us at (516) 541-9080 for help with your vehicle, motorcycle, motor home or electric motorized wheelchair.