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Is your new car constantly in for automotive service repairs?
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Vehicles: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Hybrids, Motorcycles, Motor Homes & Motorized Wheelchairs

Lemon Law Cases

The New York Law Office of Attorney Anthony Ballato has successfully litigated a number of lemon law cases addressing issues including multiple failed repair attempts, engine noise cases, car shaking, extended liability, undisclosed accidents, odometer rollback, fraud and other concerns.

While every case is different and the success of past outcomes does not ensure future results, we offer our legal services with experience in handling car, motorcycle, motor home and motorized wheelchair consumer concerns.

Should I sue or Arbitrate my claim?

In New York State, there are various ways to enforce or settle a consumer’s claim for relief against a manufacturer of a new vehicle or dealer of a used vehicle (car, truck, SUV, hybrid, motorcycle, motor home, etc.). The process may be as simple as dealing directly with the manufacturer or dealer or as complex as prosecuting a civil lawsuit case… (read complete article)

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Lemon Law Cases

Browse a selection of cases successfully won or settled by the Law Office of Anthony Ballato dealing with everything from repeated dealership visits to intermittent breakdowns and engine electrical failures...

Consumer Tips & Advice

Written by lemon law attorney Anthony Ballato, these articles can help you understand more about Lemon Laws, car buying and other automotive issues that affect your repair and purchase decisions.

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New York Lemon Laws & Resources

We have compiled a quick list of links to public and commercial websites that will familiarize you with New York State lemon laws as well as pre-purchase vehicle background information.